Lockdown restrictions have finally been eased here in Melbourne and although we still need to be careful and responsible, travel and visits to friends are now possible. It feels so good to be allowed to get out and about again.

You can already see on the streets that peoples tolerance for the lockdowns is wearing out. The streets and shops were already getting busier before the government announced restrictions were going to be eased. Most of us understand why they are in place but there are still a small number of nutbags protesting 5g and other conspiracy theories. Australians have been reasonably good at following the orders but there is only so long that we can handle isolation. I include myself in this because as comfortable as I am with the slower pace of life at the moment I was really beginning to miss my friends and family.

Over the past few days I’ve taken the chance to have coffee with a few friends again and do a little shopping. My indoor plants desperately needed to be repotted, they were suffocating almost as much as I was. I hope that I’ll be able to see my family soon but with a couple of newborns and older parents I think i’ll wait a little bit longer.

The thing that I’m still missing most right now is the gym. I had forgotten how social it was. I miss my workouts but I also miss seeing my gym buddys. The loss of strength and conditioning is also starting to trigger me too. All that hard work slowly slipping away, I hope we can get back soon. To keep myself moving though I’ve done a couple of step classes in the park with a new friend of mine. It’s been a bit of a life saver keeping me motivated and getting me out of the apartment.

I’ve had some badly needed dick appointments too now that we are allowed to visit again. Interestingly they have been far more passionate than my pre-lockdown dick appointments. Lots of kissing and much more intimate hugging and touching, I suspect its because we have all been missing the contact and I hope it doesn’t change. It’s one of the things I think I will try to hold on to in my post lockdown world.

I also hadn’t had sex that didn’t involve at least one toy in six weeks (see my twitter), so being able to go see Sir finally after six weeks of chastity and long distance training, which I plan to write about in a future post, had me giddy with sub boy excitement.

Sir and I have had to be creative with our interactions and Sirs training has heavily relied on the use of my Lovense hush plug and regular tasks to keep me engaged. But none of these things can compare to the thrill of serving Sir in person. The role of a sub is to serve and to be useful to his Dom so when Sir allowed me the privilege of serving him again I was gagging for it, on it and around it!

It felt so good to be at Sirs feet again and I finally got the chance to show him my gratitude for all his attention and for his collar. It wasn’t an easy six weeks and I’m sure that my interactions with Sir really helped. Not being able to physically meet meant that Sir and I had lots of time to get to know each other and what kinks and fetishes we both enjoyed. Sir was able to test my commitment and I was able to get an insight in to how creative Sir is. I don’t think that would have happened on such a deep level had we been able to leap straight in to play.

That’s it for now, we shall just have to take it slow and be sensible out there. The second wave will come but we can beat that too. Take care of yourselves and each other out there.


One thought on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – Breakout!

  • June 12, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    Yes I agree whole heartedly. The second wave will come but we can do it. Stay safe and well. Much love and peace babe XXX


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