A week ago I ticked over 100 days locked in chastity. I’m sorry that I didn’t share this sooner but this week has been the first week back at the gym and work since lockdown and life has gotten really busy again, really quickly.

Making it to 100 days feels amazing. It’s been quite an interesting journey and I don’t think I would have reached 100 without Sirs help to keep me motivated. It hasn’t always been enjoyable and there were times when I really wanted to take the cage off and my discipline was tested. It’s not really chastity though until you want to take it off.

Have my feelings about chastity changed since day 1?

My reasons for wearing the holy trainer and having a key holder haven’t changed. I still find that it makes sex for me more enjoyable and removes a lot of the anxiety I have about it. It definitely makes butt sex more enjoyable for me and lets me relax in to my sub role. Sir enjoys his status as my key holder and it’s still a strong symbol of my submission to him. I am noticing that my urge to Top has been getting stronger and stronger over the last month. There are quite a few twink butts that are looking mighty mighty good, but the benefits of staying locked are so gooooood that its making for some sweet, sweet, temptation, cage boners.

Physically the challenge of being caged for this amount of time has been greater than the mental challenge. My holy trainer has been uncomfortable lately. It’s getting scratchy and pinching because the cage itself has begun to bend and the joint has begun to loosen. I’m not suprised to be honest, the cage has worked very hard over the last three months. It’s still the most comfortable cage I have worn and I recommend it if you are thinking about getting a cage for yourself. I’ve ordered myself a new metal cage, hopefully it fits and arrives soon.

Sir’s reward for reaching 100 days was removing the cage while I served him and then jerking me off at the very end. I swear to science it. was. the. best. orgasm. of. my. life, so far! The kind of orgasm that stays in your toes and fingers even after you have caught your breath. After 100 days of ruined orgasms and milking the relief that washed over my body was incredible. If you can make it to 100 days yourself then you will understand what I mean.

Whats next?

At the end of the night Sir handed me three folded pieces of paper and asked me to pick one. They had 50 days, 100 days, and Sir chooses written on them. I picked the 100 days one… so here we go again.

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to ask questions or share your own story below.


One thought on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – 100 Days”

  1. Shannon, it has been a great journey for you and I can say also for myself as you took us alone with you. Im glad that sIr took the cage of so you could feel that orgasm so intensely, I can only imagine such an orgasm. Im sure the twins are looking mighty fine at this time and maybe sir can give you some playtime with the twinks if so inclined.
    I had my cage on for five days and by the end of that it did start to dig in at the top when I was sitting down not so when standing up and moving around. I had to take it off for a break, it will go on again as only more time will help im sure. I know that my hard ons out of the cage where much better out of the cage as for orgasm it does improve the intensity thats for sure. Again thank you Shannon for taking us on your journey Much love and peace babe XXX

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