LOCKED BOY DIARY – 100 days around the corner.

In a weeks time I will have been locked for 100 days. 100 days of being in the Holy Trainer and chastity. 100 days of handing over control of my dick and cum to SIR.

Before handing over the key for my cage to SIR my previous record being locked was 30 days. Since then I’ve tried to keep a diary here of what its been like to be caged for so long. Each time I’ve hit a new goal I’ve wanted to stay caged longer.

I’m now approaching 100 days locked which feels awesome. At this point I can’t really see a reason to stop. There have been plenty of times along the way when I’ve wanted to take it off but the benefits of staying caged are still as strong as they were back when I broke my thirty day record.

The last two weeks have been really tough. The cage was scratchy and everything was sensitive. It’s only chastity when you want to take it off but it was getting close to being unbearably annoying. I was very close to asking Sir for a break. Now it feels like its come full circle again and I’m enjoying as much as I was when it all started three months ago.

Like all things there have been good and uncomfortable moments in the cage but being locked longterm has taught me that not taking it off and instead trying to manage the harder days has made the whole experience even more rewarding.

I am getting lots of questions from other Kinksters who are thinking about giving chastity a go. I’ve even inspired a few of you to start or get back in to locking yourselves up which is awesome. There really needs to be more locked boys out there and it’s steadily becoming more and more mainstream for bottoms to try it.

I’m putting together another question and answers post for next week so if there is something you want to ask please leave a comment below and if you haven’t been following my locked boy diaries then I suggest you go back and read a few of them.

Just click the Locked Boy Diary tab on this post to find them all.


One thought on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – 100 days around the corner.

  • June 12, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    Excellent achievement babe, glad that you overcome the urge to ask for a break. I am one of those that you have inspired to try chastity and so far I have managed 6 days on and now I’m going for ten. Small steps but really enjoying it. I have only taken it off to trim then its back on. I even bought some Manscaped products to help. Thank you for the diary updates. Much love and peace babe XXX


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