Life is in the Music

Where did the music in my life go?

Our lives are full of music. Music gets us through the tough times and the good times. There are songs that form the sound track for our lives. As I get better and better at managing my mental health I have rediscovered an old coping mechanism… music.

A couple of months ago I realised that the music in my life had slowly ebbed away.ย Music got me through my teenage angst alone in my room listening to the Charts as I did homework or painted Space Marines. It was always in my ears or in my head, I’ve sung in Choirs and in the shower but then slowly and unnoticeably I stopped.

Pink, Cee Lo Green and Katy Perry have gotten me over heartbreak, Queen and Survivor have gotten me fired up to win and Nine Inch nails are great for a hot fuck. It’s such a simple thing that music has helped me cope with so much and now I’m rediscovering it.

So I bought some new head phones and the silence has ended. The tunes areย back and just closing my eyes and letting the music help me navigate my feelings makes a real difference to when I am feeling low or anxious.




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