Learning to spot when I’m not feeling right.


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Earlier in the week Pete sent me a message asking if I was still taking contributions to the blog. I’m always keen for other people to write and share their own experiences.

Learning to spot when I’m not feeling right. By Pete.

Around 8 years ago, friends and family recognised that I was going through a change. I was moodier and felt the pressure more when it came to simple things like making friends. On top of that I felt constantly physically exhausted. A year or so later I too recognised that I was changing. It took me around another year or two to realise that I was suffering from mental health issues.

I’m now 23, and life couldn’t be better. I’m engaged with my boyfriend, we have two dogs, a home, friends and a good job. At the beginning of the year I finally realised that it doesn’t make me feel better having all of these things to balance my life. It’s simply that I have mental health problems. I started back on medication a few months ago, but I know now that there is no cure, just better ways to manage how I feel.

When I’m not myself, the first person to see it is my boyfriend, who sees the signs and buildup weeks before I know. I go in cycles; I go out and socialise a lot more, I spend more money on little things that don’t really make a difference, I get into arguments very easy and I am constantly tired.

Things like drinking more and spending money don’t make me feel better in the long run they just pick me up in the moment.

What really helps me is talking.

My boyfriend knows me better than anyone else and it hasn’t been easy to open up to him, but I know it’s been harder for him to learn to get to know me. He’s there when I want to or need to talk, and he’s there for when I don’t. Friends and family are more important than possessions.

  • Sometimes it’s easier to sleep during the day, and be active during the night. But being nocturnal isn’t helpful.
  • Eating well. Try and cut snacks, and have full meals with glasses of water.
  • Writing how I’m feeling. Thinking or speaking about how I feel isn’t easy. I don’t know why but sometimes writing my thoughts down makes it easier to process how I am feeling.

Learning to identify when I’m not feeling ok isn’t something that has taken me a few weeks to do, it has taken years. But taking my health more seriously and being proactive about what I need to stay healthy has helped me to get there in the end.

Thanks for writing Pete.

If you would like to contribute please send you articles to shannon@aussiespacetimetraveller.com

2 thoughts on “Learning to spot when I’m not feeling right.

  • November 1, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Pete, Thanks for sharing that with us and it must be a big step for you but again thank you. I agree that it can be those most closest to us that notice the signs well in advance, they are good people to have around. Even if its just a hug or simply to be with the taking can or cannot help i find this depends on the person. Good luck Pete with everything stay strong and safe.

    Thanks Shannon your a real mate, buddy, pal. Peace and love to you XXX

  • November 2, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    Pete, I have been, and still are where you are and where you’ve been. You have expressed exactly my situation and thankfully I too have a partner who listens when I want to talk, and just supports me when I don’t. Take care.
    Shannon, being the conduit for guys like Pete to share their concerns puts you right up there with the very best. Thanks.


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