Late again.


Sorry about the quiet week this week. I have been working hard and there have been a couple of new opportunities that have needed my full attention.

There is going to be more travel coming up this year and now that I am back to work again there are lots of things that need to be updated. It feels good to have focus and direct and things to work towards. I knew last year that I was going to enjoy my summer and have some time off after getting back from the UK but I was unsure how things would work out. At last now plans are starting to firm up and it appears almost certain that I will be back in the UK again later this year for another project.

It’s really great because there are plenty of things left to do in Europe that I was not able to do last time I was there. I’m really keen to see Italy and Germany and return to Barcelona and the friends that I made there. Stonehenge is also back on the agenda. So please keep your fingers crossed for me.

I finally finished the repairs on my bike with the help of my best mate and I’ll be back to riding soon. The weather here has been scorching and I’m getting a real slice of the Aussie summer, the only problem is that it’s been too hot to ride the bike. The blazing hot seat isn’t very gentle on my jock-strapped cheeks hehe.

Since adding my amazon wishlist to the side barย I have received a few cheeky items in the mail including a cheeky pink bikini and a couple of new white jocks for me to wear everyday instead of my fancy ones, which I can now save for special occasions. A big thank you to John for his generosity. I’ll have to work on my tanlines but I guess that will be a bit of fun too. I’ll have to find somewhere special to wear them and put together a fuller more rounded review hehe.

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3 thoughts on “Late again.

  • February 12, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    Don’t forget we are one hour from Stonehenge and not that much further from Avebury , also there is still Bath and Bristol to think off.

  • February 13, 2015 at 11:50 am

    Shannon, i like the colour and it really does look like a sling to hold your junk. If you started to get excited I don’t think it would contain you but then again who cares. Thanks to whoever sent you this item. we all appreciate it.
    Your next adventure is not far away and I for one look forward to following your trips and adventures. Good luck with them babe xx

  • February 14, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    look forward to see where you go next. I know what you mean about the bike. I get out early but even then it’s too hot. Soon I will be thinking it’s too cold so I it’s a case of not winning. still get out tho. any chance to wear lycra ๐Ÿ™‚


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