Instagram is my new favourite cruising ground.

The other morning I got a DM on Instagram asking me if I wanted to join three other guys “chilling” in London.

Firstly it was 6am and I was on my way to work and secondly it was a Wednesday morning… didn’t they have to go to work? How can they afford to live in London and have group sex on a weekday at the same time?

It’s not the first time I’ve been asked out on Instagram and I hope it won’t be the last but I have found lately that I’ve been making a lot more connections on Insta than I have been on Grindr or Scruff. To be honest these hook up apps bore me. Instagram is far more interesting.

I wrote a couple of years ago about how I was meeting guys through Instagram but lately it seems to have kicked up a notch. You still get the constant requests for more pics because you can post nude’s on Insta and there will always be the thirsty lads for who whom the 250+ pics on my feed simply aren’t enough but generally I’ve found it a much safer place to chat and get in touch with guys than the hookup apps.

The obvious one is pics. There are lots of them ( guilty ). You can very quickly sus out if the person talking to you is A. Real B. Has similar interests to you and C. has history, and by this I mean you can get a glimpse at what they are up to. It may sound a little stalkerish but people generally over share ( REALLY guilty ) so its much easier to get a glimpse of the kind of person they are. You very quickly sort out the pic hunters on Instagram and the blank profiles.

Of course what you see on a persons Instagram feed is only what they want you to see, it’s full of perfectly posed selfies ( guilty again ), shopping bags covered in high fashion labels ( boring ), adventurous travel pics ( jealous ) and pictures of food ( delicious ). But through the filter of your own critical eye to can get a sense of whether a person looks like somebody you would like to meet or at the very least play Marry, Fuck, Friendzone with ( I don’t do KILL ).

Lastly you can follow, and comment. Instaflirting is nothing new but it’s much better for forming connections than Grindr or Scruff which are very much focussed on short term exchanges. It’s very common for me to like a whole bunch of pics and follow someone when I want to bone or get boned by a them.

Lastly I’ve made some really cool connections via Insta with people all around the world. It’s been really good for making contact with other Pups. ( see this previous post about Puppy Play )

Have fun Guys and Gals.


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