My tips for picking a personal trainer who’s right for you.

Choosing a personal trainer who will help you get the best results is just as important as picking a gym that you are comfortable with. A bad or ineffective trainer will cost you hundreds of dollars and months of wasted time. Getting a result at the gym is a long game and you don’t want to be six months down the track and frustrated by a lack of progress.

I’ve had many gyms and many trainers in the time that I have been working out. Some of them have been good, most were bad and only one was awesome. Below are a few things that I have learned to look out for when I’m looking for a trainer.

  1. Watch them train someone else. Every trainer turns on the charm when they are trying to bag a new client. Before you even tell them you are looking for a trainer watch them on the floor. A good trainer will be attentive and paying attention to their client. If they are walking around the gym with a coffee in hand or staring at their phone while the client works out then don’t bother with them.
  2. Are they actively training their client, correcting their form and giving advice? Remember you’re going to pay a lot of money for a trainer, they should be working just as hard as you are.
  3. I look for a trainer generally who has a similar body type to me and to my goal shape. Knowing that my trainer has achieved similar goals to mine gives me confidence in what they are trying to teach me.
  4. Be suspicious of trainers to promise results quickly, it’s a gimmick. The best trainer I had helped me to set realistic goals and then came up with a pathway to reach them that included a workout routine and proper nutrition.
  5. Lastly a good trainer will be heavily focussed on your form. Lifting weights is dangerous especially when you are just starting. It takes time to build strength and avoid serious injury. The best trainer I’ve had set my workout habits right from the very beginning and taught me that form is more important that lifting heavy weights.

Good luck guys. If you have any of your own tips or advice please leave a comment below.

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