How to pick a gym thats right for you.

Lots of people ask about supplements and workout routines but picking a gym that has a good gym culture and a motivating environment are super important in helping you to achieve your fitness goals. I’ve moved around so many times now that finding a new gym has become second nature to me and here are a few tips that I have picked up along the way that you might find helpful when you are looking for a gym yourself.

  1. Culture. Gym culture is hugely important and number one on the list because bad gym culture has stopped me using a gym in the past entirely.  Good gym culture means that the trainers are attentive and motivated and other gym patrons are serious about their workouts and courteous towards other members. Signs of a bad gym culture are broken or damaged equipment on the gym floor, weights and equipment left laying around and not put back on the racks, members dropping weights and inattentive trainers ( I’ll give my tips on finding a good trainer in the next article ). Gym culture also comes down to the other members, surround yourself with success and it will supercharge your inspiration. Whether you’re serious about body building or just looking to get fit look for a gym with a culture that will support your goals.
  2. Atmosphere. This one is really up to you and what kind of environment you find comfortable. Personally I like gyms that are quiet so I tend to look for smaller 24 hour gyms that allow me to go during non peak hours. Being able to workout at my own pace and not be waiting for equipment helps me stay focussed and get more out of my workouts. I find smaller gyms more personal too and the staff are generally more aware of whats going on and more willing to help you if you need it.
  3. Equipment. I’ve been to a lot of gyms and honestly I’ve found that equipment is important but not an absolute requirement for me. There are so many different types of equipment and exercises available to us now that you should be able to build a workout routine that works for you no matter where you are training. Personally I prefer gyms that have a decent floor area and plenty of mirrors. Mirrors aren’t only about vanity. They are important in a gym for checking your form and consistency. Be mindful of what your routine will be, does it have a space to stretch? Is the roof high enough for your skipping rope? etc.
  4. Location. A gym within easy walking distance is ideal. I hate having to travel to the gym although if I really like the gym I have been known to make trips to the other side of the city occasionally. Nothing kills my motivation more than a gym thats too far away on rainy day in the middle of winter. Pick a location that’s convenient so you are less likely to skip gym sessions.


Pure Gym at Hammersmith in London… working out here was utterly demotivating.

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