Hello I am the Aussie Space Time Traveller and I have Destination Addiction.

I saw this quote the other day…

I have to admit that I am a recovering Destination Addict. It’s something that I have been aware of for some time. It’s a character trait that I have carried with me from when I was very young in to adulthood. I’ve written before about being happy in the moment and for a very long time I was very good at it, but life, stress and trauma have a way of subtly changing you until one day you snap out of it and think WTF has happened.

I’m doing it a little bit now when I think about how much I am looking forward to going home. Happiness is something that I don’t always carry with me. That doesn’t mean that I’m miserable all the time but I do have a habit of putting a lot of pressure on the future to make me happy rather than just enjoying the moment. There is a difference between looking forward to an upcoming event and making it the thing that you’re happiness depends on.

I think my nomadic lifestyle is a symptom of my destination addiction. Happiness is on a sailboat, happiness is in the next city, happiness is in another country. I’m always looking forward to fresh starts and pinning my hopes on them. It’s that new year, new me BS that we tell ourselves with out realising that happiness starts right now and right here. Since realising thisย I’ve been much more mindful of living in and enjoying the moment on this trip to the UK and I have coped with being away from home much better than I did last trip. I’m also working on being happier within myself by taking responsibility for my own mental health rather than blaming or passing responsibility on.

The result of all this is that I’m looking forward to getting home but I am much more mindful of the present and of managing my mood here and now. I’m also much more realistic about what work needs to be done on myself and that all the baggage I carry with me isn’t going to just disappear with my suitcase, it’s a made me much calmer.



One thought on “Hello I am the Aussie Space Time Traveller and I have Destination Addiction.

  • October 12, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    the saying reminds me of those that think the grass in always greener on the other side of the fence.

    Being happy with what you got/where you are is easer for some than others. But understanding that you don’t have to go every where to understand who you are and what life has to offer may mean you can start to settle down and enjoy what you got.


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