Gay 101. What if 15 minutes of insane courage is all it takes…


What if 15 minutes of insane courage is all it takes to have the thing you really want. We have all heard the saying but how many of us pay it any more attention or thought than we would to one of those motivation posters you see in waiting rooms.

It’s an easy sentiment to have but how do we know when that courage is needed? Where is the crystal ball to tell us “this is your moment, it’s now or never”.

Well knowing “when” it’s the right moment isn’t important. Knowing “it could be” the right moment and acting on it is!

Not every opportunity will lead you to something amazing, but every opportunity could and that’s how you need to treat it. The greatest moments in your life will not come out of the blue but will in fact be the culmination of many smaller opportunities taken one small step at a time that build like a snowball into something big. Waiting for that one giant chance and ignoring all the small ones is a mistake.

Some times it’s obvious when a moment is important and requires action. But nobody can tell you “this is your moment”, that would make it easy. Life doesn’t work that way and thats where having courage is important because it takes courage to take a chance on something that might not work out, which is scary or which is new. Doubts are the excuses we give ourselves to justify our fear of success, fear of failure and fear of the unknown. But great things always happen on the uncomfortable edge of our experience as that is where our potential to grow is unlimited.

Don’t wait for your fifteen minutes, make them happen every day.


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