>Gay 101. Trimming, shaving, and maintaining your, err.. bits


There would be very few of us out there who had not contemplated some kind of personal grooming. The convention for trimming your man hair varies according to personal taste. Some guys prefer manly men with stubble and hairy bods. Some like their man to be trimmed and others like them completely shaved.

For those of you thinking about doing some manscaping here are a few useful tips.

Shower first. A gentle shower in warm water helps to soften the hairs before trimming. While showering go over the areas marked for manscaping with a loofa or other exfoliating tool.

Legs and chest.

If you want to go for a smooth chest or legs then you can use a razor or a hair removal cream. If you are particularly hairy then I suggest trimming with scissors first.

Personally I prefer to use a cream and then use a razor for clean up and to make sure there are no missed hairs. It’s important not to leave the cream on too long. You can always re-apply later rather than leave yourself with nasty chemical burns. Follow the instructions on the tube and make sure you test it on your skin first.

After removing the hair make sure you exfoliate gently again and moisturize. This will help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.

If you decide to shave your chest or legs then I would go with a shaving cream and do it whilst in the shower. Make sure you use a fresh razor. Where possible shave with the grain of the hair not against it. Try to only run the razor over each spot once. Going over the same skin again and again will cause irritation.

Crack and sack

Unless your a slave boi sub (don’t ask me how I know this), it seems to be more popular to have some kind of welcome mat. Whether it’s a shag pile or a landing strip the general consensus seems to be that a neat trim is the most popular. Usually a pair of carefully held scissors is enough. Some people go too far with the shaping and end up with little triangles or squares. Try to keep it natural as possible I say!

If you still keen on being completely smooth then a razor and shaving cream is the way to go. DON’T even entertain the though of putting hair removal cream on your man parts!

BE GENTLE… remember cuts on your man parts will sting like buggery, bleed like buggery and totally spoil your evening.


Make sure you have good footing in the shower or tub. Nobody wants you to end up opening your jugular after slipping on the soap, Final Destination style.

Finally make sure that you take care of your skin and try not to do it right before a night out of an important event. The grow back can be really itchy the first couple of times and rubbing from pants and underwear can leave you with a rash.

Otherwise have fun!

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  • August 17, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Do you shave Shannon?
    If so, where?


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