Gay 101. Throwing a party.


Ok sounds pretty easy, but throwing a party can be a make or break event in your social calendar and since it’s Pride season and Pride weekend here in London I thought I’d pitch you some last minute tips for throwing a killer party.

There are many reasons to throw a party, birthdays, coming out, public holidays, changing your hair colour etc. but whatever the reason there are a few tips for making your party an event that will be spoken about in hushed whispers and celebrated in song throughout the ages.


The venue for your party is important if you don’t have your own mead-hall, Luxury yacht, or sky top penthouse then don’t sweat it . It doesn’t matter where it is, what’s important is that the venue is warm and friendly, is easy to hose out and has a good mix of spaces. If the rooms too big your crowd will thin out and the place will feel empty, too small and you could end up with a lot more cuddles than you were expecting. There’s a reason clubs keep crowds together and then open up spaces as they are needed. Keep your party intimate.


The quickest and cheapest way to create mood at a party is lighting. Keep it low and warm. Candles, lamps and fairy lights are all quick and easy to set up.


Music is one of the key ingredients to a great party. Try to pick music that is happy and uplifting. It is a party after all. Most people will have music in their phones. The temptation to leave the music up to friends can be strong but resist. If you let a bunch of drunk mates take over then the night will be killed by half played tracks, dead air and the one friend who leaves Adele on loop.


I have been to parties where the host has spiked the punch with viagra. Unless you are in the venue that is easy to hose out or want to go to jail I would not recommend this. Most of the time it’s easiest to say “bring a bottle” on the invitation. Otherwise a modest collection of beer, mixers and the all time favorites vodka and bourbon. Steer clear of tequila or any of the other drinks that are notorious chuck accelerators. A good tip is to have plenty of water around. You will be surprised at how effective it is at keeping people from getting too messy.


Wherever there is drinking there should be food. Chips, dips, sushi, party pies and sausage rolls. If you want to class it up then hand out some napkins. The food can be the hero of the night by keeping your guests happy and helping to control their alcohol. Plan it well and keep it simple. You don’t want to spend the night in the kitchen and after a few drinks nobody will notice the difference between the real dim sims and the ones stuffed with hooves and cardboard.

Gratuitous nudity.

No party is complete without some nudity. Nuff said. Pick your moments though. Try to avoid nudie runs or strip poker until family members or your boss from work have left. Skinny dipping is also great fun.

A spare mattress.

Inevitably some of your mates may collapse or be unable to drive home. Certainly if you are a responsible friend then you would not let anybody drink and drive. Also keep some shaving cream and sharpies handy for those party fouls.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Get your tech right… Set up a place for people to charge their phones. They will be taking lots of pictures and videos and they won’t have to bug you all night asking for chargers or power points. Also keep your camera handy and with so many phones now having a time-lapse option make use of it. Party follow up is as important as the party itself after all you want the people who didn’t show up to get some serious FOMO ( fear of missing out ) when you throw your next event.

Most importantly have fun. Don’t lets your guests hijack you from enjoying your own party.

Happy Pride London.

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