Gay 101. The art of Sexting.

Sexting is a sexy part of our everyday conversation but what is appropriate for some is not for others.

Sexting can be fraught with danger and whether you are a grown man, politician, sports star or celebrity the temptation to send our cocks out for a wander around the wifi seems to be too much.ย Keep it fun, keep it cheeky and keep it on sexy rather than explicit to begin with anyway. Think of it like foreplay. It’s not always appropriate to walk straight up to someone and stick your finger in their bum, the same goes for sexting.

Less can be more.

This applies to both pictures and words. A pic in a hot Speedo or pair of underwear can be far more of a turn on than flopping out your chop. Don’t give it all away at once.

Most boys like to play games and the chase is the greatest game of all. Playing all your cards in one go runs the possibility that your target might lose interest. You want to be a little bit coy, tease a bit. Give him the chance to turn up the heat and then respond in kind. Remember just like in Sex foreplay is everything and great foreplay makes the main show even more fun.

Beware of the out of nowhere Sext.

Naturally as Gay boys some of us are open to hook ups but remember… first impressions count, read peoples profiles, they will usually give you a pretty good idea what the right approach is going to be. Start with a hello, have a cheeky conversation with a little bit of flirting and then go for the sext if you really want to.

Itโ€™s all about trust.

Remember some Gay boys like to brag. Before you hit send on your best pick up line or fire of that selfie of you touching your toes ask yourself will he keep your privates private? Or will he share your glory and a giggle with his friends? Do you care or do you think the referrals will be worth it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once you put it out there it is impossible to get it back.

Know the Law.

If you or the person you are messaging is under the age of consent or you or the person you are messaging is a minor you should definitely not be sending any sexually explicit images or texts, this includes if you are both the same age or both underage. Not only is it inappropriate but it is also illegal. Don’t do it.

Consent still applies.

Most of us at some stage have been on the receiving end of an unwanted dick pic. If somebody asks you to stop then stop. If somebody doesn’t reply don’t continue to send more dick pics. Read the room people.



Safe Sexting.

There are no hard and fast rules and the points above are just a guide. As with all things Sexting relies on chemistry and a little bit of restraint. Have fun with it and make sure you are Sexting responsibly. Do not send suggestive texts or naked pictures of yourself to somebody who is underage, remember there is a fine line between persistence and harassment, keep your face out of nude pictures and be selective who you send them too. Use your common sense and if in doubt don’t.

Next post we will look at when does flirting online become harassment and how to know when to stop or what to do when somebody doesn’t stop sending you unwanted dm’s.

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