Gay 101. Rediscovering your adventurous spirit.


Ever since I was a boy I have dreamed of adventuring. When we are young imagination brings it on so easily but then as we get older and regular life begins to creep in we lose our sense of adventure, opting for the safe road, weighing the pros and cons, deciding on caution.

All these sensible things help keep us alive and thriving but what kind of a living is it?

How can we keep our common sense and still retain the adventurous spirit?

How can we over come our fear of getting outside of our comfort zone and experiencing new things?

Coming aboard Arion was a big step out of my comfort zone. Although I have always loved camping and I have never had a problem with living a little bit rough being on the sea in a small boat still challenged my sense of self preservation, but what I have learned from each baby step out of my comfort zone is that I am more than capable of looking after myself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s the key, baby steps. Moving to Sydney taught me that I could be self-reliant and survive away from home. Traveling alone, joining the Lifesavers, coming out, playing water polo and a hundred other things were all challenges that I was nervous to try but which added layers to my life and my confidence. Every experience in our lives builds on our repertoire of survival skills until we can confidently stride out in to an adventure knowing we can handle challenges that may come our way.

Often though fear gets in the way of trying new things. It’s ok to be cautious. Hope for the best but plan for the worst is what I always say. If you are well prepared the there is no reason to fear an adventure. Every adventure has an element of danger, it wouldn’t be exciting if it didn’t but keeping the odds in your favor can go a long way to conquering the fear.

Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes, in our bubble wrapped modern world it’s easy to stay comfortable but it’s on the edge of our experience that we really grow, don’t be afraid of inspiration, if I have learned one thing it’s that there is far more to gain than lose if you are smart about it.

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    Super pic Shannon !


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