Gay 101. Poppers and their side effects.

Many of you have seen me using poppers in my videos. So I think that this is a good time to reshare this post on the possible side effects of using poppers. Like all things it’s up to you to make informed choices. Although I enjoy using them during sex and in my videos I have been steadily reducing my use of them for sex.  I used to rely on them a lot and over used them. Now how I use them is much more moderated and reduced.

Many of you will have heard the of poppers or know them by their other name “Amyl”. It is a liquid chemical usually sold in a small glass bottle which is sniffed or “huffed”.

It’s quite common around the Gay scene to see people using “Amyl”. Some use it to enhance sex, others use it for a rush on the dance floor. It’s seen as a generally harmless “drug” and is available around the world in Sex shops and online.

If you’re bottoming inhaling poppers can relax your ass muscles and make bottoming easier and more enjoyable. I use them for this purpose, they make me feel horny and really let me relax. They are widely available here in Australia and it’s common to see gas huffing in saunas and on club dance floors.

If you’re a Top the euphoria and sense of arousal can harden your dick and make your cock more sensitive.

However you use it, there are side effects that you should consider and I have been making an effort myself to reduce my use of poppers steadily over the last few years.

I am not a medical professional. If you are concerned about using poppers or their side effects then you should speak to a Doctor.

Inhaling Amyl relaxes the smooth muscles throughout the body including the sphincter in the anus. This is why many Gay men use it to enhance sex. The relaxation of these smooth muscles causes the blood vessels in these muscles to dilate, resulting in increased heart rate and the warm rush and excitement you feel around your body as well as the feeling of being sexually aroused.

Possible Side effects.

Firstly you should know Poppers are illegal in some parts of the world.

Poppers if over used can bring on the holy mother of all headaches. It can burn if spilt on the skin and cause coma or death if ingested.

Overuse can cause vomiting, nausea, headache, blurred vision and low blood pressure.

Some individuals may experience erectile problems. 

Poppers have been linked to increased risk of Glaucoma and loss of vision.

The feeling of euphoria and increased “horniness” can also lead to more risky sexual behaviour. The use of poppers have been linked to injuries and the increased transmission of STD’s during sex.

Poppers can also interact with some medications including Viagra which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. If you are using medications then you should speak to your Doctor about the dangers of mixing them with Amyl.


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  1. Good topic and some good advice. I learnt something in reading this especially considering I have Glaucoma, also answers why I get a headache after or even during use. Thanks babe Love and Peace to you always.XXX

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