Gay 101. Don’t be afraid of your Fetish.


Wow, the response to my Pup article and Instagram post has been hugely positive. It’s been much bigger than I ever expected and I’m so excited that I can share it with you.

A LOT of you have had questions since yesterdays post about the Kink scene and what I have tried but the thing nearly everyone says is “Wow I’ve always wanted to try…”

Many Gay guys I speak to especially younger Gays are curious but reluctant to try the things they are curious about. I will admit I found the Fetish scene very intimidating when I first started exploring it. The parties consisted of mainly older men who looked at me like hungry Wolves. There is a very predatory aspect to the Gay community which can turn away some younger Guys from exploring. There are also other pressures like slut shaming or feeling too embarrassed to try some of the more fringe activities.

Lots of guys worry that they will try something and then not like it. But isn’t that the point of exploring? Discovering your limits is what empowers you to say no or yes and find your own freedom to express your sexuality.

I also think some of us worry that we might try something and like it too much. It’s like a fear of success, what will the future hold for me if I try and LOVE Puppy play, what will my friends think of me? What if people find out etc etc.

Fear of the unknown is natural but you should never be embarrassed or ashamed of wanting to explore your kinky side. If you try something and don’t like it then at least you know for sure. I hate people who laugh or say Ewwwww but have never tried anything. They get no respect from me.

As you explore and push your boundaries you will find as I did that your confidence grows. Knowing yourself and your limits allows you to place yourself in situations that grow your experience of the world not just in the Fetish scene but in all things in life.

Don’t be afraid of your Fetish ( so long as it’s legal ) it’s better to try something and not like it than to live unfulfilled. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring and I hope you will too.


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  • October 2, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    I want to explore with those two in the front.


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