Gay 101. Buttcentric; Always falling butt first in to trouble.


Buttcentric Adjective (Focussing on the butt or ass)

Buttcentric behavior

Buttcentric clothes

Synonyms and related words.

Bottom, power bottom, bottom boy, ass man, Aussie Space Time Traveller

TOSSITBRF-GREY-2_1024x1024There is no doubt that although on occasion I can be Versatile I am at heart a Bottom boy, you only need to look at my Instagram to figure that out. I’ve been buttcentric nearly all of my life and while I love smashing a Twinky butt my first choice has and is always to catch rather than pitch. Jockstraps, thongs, toys, puppy tails… it’s all about my butt and I’m not afraid anymore to say it, I’m a proud bottom boy.

I’ve perpetrated and been on the receiving end ( pun intended ) of all the usual giggles and jokes about being a Bottom, hell my nickname on the water polo team was Wishbone. Joking about Bottoms is a part of Gay culture that can vary from the cheeky to the downright mean.

But over my long career of being face down I’ve noticed something. Bottoms and Bottom culture are getting sassier more assertive and more demanding.

Porn used to be very much Top driven. The Bottoms were just there to bow down and take it. But slowly over time that has changed at least from what I have seen anyway. More and more porn is becoming Bottom driven and most of my favourite stars are Bottoms. Without a great bottom to drive the scene the view of a Top plugging away is just mechanical and boring.

There are lots of jokes and memes floating around about Tops being outnumbered by thirsty Bottom boys but I’ve got news for all you cocky Tops out there…


You aren’t as good as you think! If you’re getting mauled by Bottoms every time you flick on your Grindr it’s because most Tops are rubbish.


il_570xN.540730290_cw32Sound harsh? Did I hurt your precious Top boy egos?

Well tough. I’m tired of having to tell Tops to slow the fuck down, don’t ram it in, use lube, stop grinding against my pelvic bone, aim higher, aim lower, that’s not my hole blah blah blah!

Whats so great about being a Bottom and what can Tops do to make me weak at the knees.  Are the best Tops guys that have bottomed at least once?

I wrote this article a long time ago and it still stands up just as well today as it did back then.

How to be a better Top.

If you’re a Top, Bottom, or Vers read it. A little knowledge and some common sense will go a long way to upping your game and

EVERYONE can up their game no matter how good they are.



3 thoughts on “Gay 101. Buttcentric; Always falling butt first in to trouble.

  • March 23, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I’ve always said, every top should bottom at least once, and every bottom should know what it feels like to top… though people receive pleasure differently so that latter may not be so necessary

  • March 26, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    Shannon, ive topped and Ive bottomed and I must say love being bottom. Being versatile is all the better. Butt give me a nice caring top and I’m in heaven. Great post as usual babe.

  • May 18, 2016 at 9:58 am

    Very beautiful to see you owning it.


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