Four months on.

Four months ago I decided to make a change. I decided to put my health and my fitness first, I decided to be selfish.

You’ve heard this before, I’ve said it in the past many times but this time there is a difference, this time I asked for help because I knew I could no longer do it alone.

In the last four months I’ve been training really hard as you already know. I’ve gained 6kgs and improved my fitness and strength. The physical challenges of rebuilding myself have also had benefits mentally. I’ve learned that my physical health is closely tied to my mental health. Healthy mind = a healthy body is very much a reality for me.

Gym time is my alone time, it’s when I get to zone out or work through the nonsense in my head. Gym time is when I get to build my will power and push myself harder each time I go back. Gym time is when I get to take out all my frustration and anger.

It’s like meditation for me. The repetition is soothing, the routine keeps me calm.

When I add my gym time to my time with the Psychologist the result is a sense of well being in both my body and soul. It’s not complete yet, I don’t think the work will ever be finished but then thats not the point. The goal isn’t to get Well, the goal is to get better. “Well” is just a bar we often set too high because it means finished, complete, fixed. But we are never “Fixed”, we can only get a little bit better every day.

So four months on I am getting better and the score board is looking great. I’m much more confident that this trip to the UK is going to be the best yet and I’m determined to make the most of it once I get there.

Wish me luck.


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