Elephant Grave Yard.

Photo by the Aussie Space Time Traveller.

A couple of months ago when I was in the Whitsundays we were anchored in Shute Harbour and I decided to take a walk up along the shore. I came upon a spot where the broken hulls of boats that were wrecked during the last cyclone have been left to rot or old boats had been beached. It made for some great shots. While I was snapping away I began to think about what these boats would have looked like when they were shiny and new. Some of them have had an illustrious past, world racers and winners of trophies, others have been beloved family possessions or floating homes

Photo by the Aussie Space Time Traveller.

filled with happy memories of sunsets, barbecues and clear waters. It seemed to me like such a sad end for such treasured possessions. The boats began to take on personalities of their own and it reminded me of how impermanent our possessions are and how the true value of things is in the adventures we have with them.

It was such a sharp contrast from the beautiful marina and its brand new charter yachts and ferries only two hundred meters away. I wonder if one day some of those boats will lie abandoned in the mud here too?

I was sad when I had to throw out my old sneakers in Maryborough. Those Kicks had been through a lot with me. Good times and bad. They had been to Thailand, Vietnam, and all around Australia with me. They had seen sexy times and sad times, fair and rough weather, good times and bad. But what really matters is the memories. If these boats could speak I wonder what they would have to say?

Photo by the Aussie Space Time Traveller.

One thought on “Elephant Grave Yard.

  • December 10, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    It is the memories that count. I’m sure that during these boats “lifetime” many happy memories were made. Those will live on for many years after the weather and time has taken the possessions from us.


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