Reader question; Do you like only guys in good shape?

Do you like only guys in good shape? Could you be interested in guys with an average shape and not like you? All boys I have met are so superficial, primitive and insensitive.

I have always been proud of the fact that I have a diverse group of friends covering all kinds of backgrounds and age ranges.

In my experience it is a myth that all guys who take pride in their appearance, work hard at the gym, look after themselves and watch what they eat are vain, superficial and insensitive.

I won’t deny being attracted to guys who look after themselves. Somebody who is physically fit is a great partner to do all the things that I enjoy like cycling, swimming, sailing, hiking and going to the gym. A firm ass and good arms turn me on but attraction is a funny thing and physical attraction and emotional attraction are different.

I have met some guys I thought were beautiful who totally turned me off and I’ve met guys who weren’t my “type” who I’ve found hugely attractive. I’ve had earth shattering sex with guys I wouldn’t normally have seen as my type and I’ve had a 3 year relationship with man almost 20 years older than me.

Pecs, abs, a set of rockin arms and a bubble butt might catch my eye but the clincher is always a connection on a deeper level and that is dependent on an entirely different muscle.

You can be fairly confident that nearly everybody is looking for something more than a pretty face.

Sure there are plenty of vain and genuinely superficial men out there but they are not traits exclusive to “in shape” guys and Gym boys certainly don’t have the monopoly on being insensitive.

Sometimes I think maybe the reasons we make these assumptions are because when we are around these kinds of people they bring out the insecurities in ourselves.

“oh he’s not interested in me, he must just be a superficial gym bunny”.

I have been with guys who have been tall, short, slim, buff, smooth, overweight and hairy, some have gone to the gym and others have not, but ALL have been attractive to me in their own way. I’ve been surprised enough in my life to know now that attraction can be to many MANY different things, a fit bod is a tiny tiny part of who a person is.

One thought on “Reader question; Do you like only guys in good shape?

  • November 11, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    A very good answer to the readers question babe. Interesting that you don’t stereo type everyone bt rather look at the whole person rather than just one aspect. Peace and love babe XX


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