Dear Texas Arse Hat… Shut the fuck up!

So yesterday London experienced an act of terror, amongst the stories of courage, heroism and the best displays of humanity we have people like this ARSE HAT Texas Lone Star spreading hateful rubbish. Texas ARSE HAT and many others like himΒ haveΒ no idea what the context of this image may be.

The events of yesterday were truly shocking but this woman who may be an innocent bystander does not deserve our hatred. If we sink to this then just like this douchebag we are doing the terrorists work for them, you are doing exactly what the terrorists want which is to legitimise the narrative that the West is at War with Islam. This kind of Islamaphobic racist conjecture isn’t helpful.Β Veils are worn by some Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and some of the Jewish faith. Sikhs in the United States have been victimised and murdered simply because they were thought to be Muslim.

This photo tells the story of a Multicultural society assaulted by something awful. If the only thing you see is a Muslim woman and feel hatred then you are part of the problem.

If you think you can spot a Muslim by their veil… try this.



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