Change your words, change your world.


The world we live in a manifestation of the way we think and act.

Hippy love and cosmic wisdom aside it is obvious that if you are an angry person your life will be stressful, if you hurt people then people will hurt you and if you treat others without respect then the same will happen to you.

You don’t have to be a zen master to understand that the way you act and the words you think and speak have consequences.
Words are powerful and shape our thoughts all the time. It is a cliche but the glass half full or half empty is a perfect example of how small changes in the language we use can change the way we think.
Next time you are angry or frustrated and you feel like lashing out at somebody stop for a moment and consider your words. They are powerful. What are you going to say? What mark are you going to leave permanently in the great song as molecule upon molecule vibrate together long after your lips have stopped moving.
Instead of saying “I hate the way you do that”, say ” I love the way you do this”. Use your words to find joy and positive energy rather than fuelling negative emotions. Say “this is great” instead of “thats bad”. Focus on the good things in life and use your words to elevate them. Look for the reasons to use positive language all the time.
Clever people change the world, wise people change themselves, Awesome people do both.

Change your words and change your world.

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