Pink Pantied, shaved and locked

I’ve had so many requests for more Fem content. I admit the contrast of masculinity and fem turns me on a lot. The thought of being locked again and wearing my new pink panties sent to me by a fan, under for football shorts at the gym has me on edge all morning.

I have no idea what kind of gender politics are going on in my head. I just know that seeing myself like this makes me horny as fuck and judging by some of the responses I have had from instagram and twitter followers I’m not the only one.



…make the dicks rise!

Smashing my butt and leg workouts at the moment and feeling like summer is gonna be properly bouncy hehe.

Deadlifts… Squats… Glute thrusts… Leg press and seated calf raises!



I’ve been getting soooooooo many thong requests. Normally the only thongs I wear are on my feet but I’m really coming around to that little strip of material teasing my hole everywhere I go. Thankfully @underguy7 from instagram has quite a collection that he was willing to share with me. He’s got some great stuff that I might have to borrow.


FAN CHALLENGE- In the gym showing off my jockstrap

In the gym in my jockstrap showing off my hole…

Still got some more work to do on this challenge but this is a good start I think.