Okay ShanFans I haven’t done a review like this before but I often get questions about poppers and their effects.

Personally I find Jungle Juice the right brand for me. The three most common formulas are the Platinum, Gold Label and Black Label. It is easy to think all poppers do the same thing but there are some subtle differences in the effects they have and how they might be used.

Jungle Juice Gold is milder than the other two and is less harsh. It gives a smoother rush that comes and goes slowly. The Gold Label doesn’t have the strong odour that some others do and it makes a good dance floor companion. Personally I don’t find it strong enough which means that I use it more often which I don’t like.

Jungle Juice Black Label is strong and hits hard and fast resulting in a strong rush which can be overwhelming. It’s more suited to intense play and is for more experienced users. Personally I find it too strong and it often gives me a headache, leaves me out of breath and kills my boner.

Jungle Juice Platinum is my preferred formula. I find that the rush comes on strong and then drops off smoothly. It’s not as intense as the Black label and I doesn’t give me headaches. It’s my preferred companion for play sessions and allows me to loosen up without losing my breath or feeling too out of control.

All three of these Poppers are available in 10ml and 5ml bottles. Keep them in the fridge to make sure they last as long as possible and don’t evaporate or go stale.

Poppers can be a bit of a taboo topic to talk about online because they are a restricted substance in many parts of the world. Platforms like Onlyfans have very strict rules regarding the use of Poppers and will ban you from the platform even if they were used legally in the jurisdiction in which the content was produced. Poppers do have side effects that can be no more devastating than the effects of legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. In my opinion the opposition to poppers is rooted more in 1960’s homophobia than any increased health and safety concerns.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as an endorsement of poppers and their use. Poppers are a controlled substance available over the counter here in Australia under certain circumstances. They are illegal in many parts of the world and you should check your local laws regarding whether or not you can use them. Using Poppers can also cause some serious side effects. Always follow the instructions on the bottle and speak to a medical professional if you have questions about using them.


Hi there ShanFans, I’ve created a complete playlist of all my kink diaries and cage reviews. Since many of you have been exploring your kinks I thought it would be helpful to have all these videos in one easy to reach place. Enjoy x



Nearly everyone who has read this blog will know that I like Poppers. Poppers can be purchased legally in Australia from a Pharmacist and Illegally from sex shops and other sex on site venues, although there doesn’t seem to be a desire to crack down on these sales yet. In other countries around the world their legal sale and use varies and it’ important that you make sure you check the laws of your local area if you are considering purchasing or using them.

Popper-bating porn is becoming increasingly popular and hard to find and the use of aromas and poppers is a murky area most platforms are unwilling to open a dialogue about. I recently had to make significant changes to my Onlyfans content in order to comply with the platforms TOS. Although the use of poppers is not strictly illegal in Australia OF includes them in a blanket ban which it applies to all of its content creators around the world.

One excellent blog I have found on the subject is Poppers and Aromas Blog. If you’re curious, an occasional user or even a huff pig you’ll find it a great source of information and advice on all things poppers and aromas.


Gay 101. Poppers and their side effects.

Many of you have seen me using poppers in my videos. So I think that this is a good time to reshare this post on the possible side effects of using poppers. Like all things it’s up to you to make informed choices. Although I enjoy using them during sex and in my videos I have been steadily reducing my use of them for sex.  I used to rely on them a lot and over used them. Now how I use them is much more moderated and reduced.

Many of you will have heard the of poppers or know them by their other name “Amyl”. It is a liquid chemical usually sold in a small glass bottle which is sniffed or “huffed”.

It’s quite common around the Gay scene to see people using “Amyl”. Some use it to enhance sex, others use it for a rush on the dance floor. It’s seen as a generally harmless “drug” and is available around the world in Sex shops and online.

If you’re bottoming inhaling poppers can relax your ass muscles and make bottoming easier and more enjoyable. I use them for this purpose, they make me feel horny and really let me relax. They are widely available here in Australia and it’s common to see gas huffing in saunas and on club dance floors.

If you’re a Top the euphoria and sense of arousal can harden your dick and make your cock more sensitive.

However you use it, there are side effects that you should consider and I have been making an effort myself to reduce my use of poppers steadily over the last few years.

I am not a medical professional. If you are concerned about using poppers or their side effects then you should speak to a Doctor.

Inhaling Amyl relaxes the smooth muscles throughout the body including the sphincter in the anus. This is why many Gay men use it to enhance sex. The relaxation of these smooth muscles causes the blood vessels in these muscles to dilate, resulting in increased heart rate and the warm rush and excitement you feel around your body as well as the feeling of being sexually aroused.

Possible Side effects.

Firstly you should know Poppers are illegal in some parts of the world.

Poppers if over used can bring on the holy mother of all headaches. It can burn if spilt on the skin and cause coma or death if ingested.

Overuse can cause vomiting, nausea, headache, blurred vision and low blood pressure.

Some individuals may experience erectile problems. 

Poppers have been linked to increased risk of Glaucoma and loss of vision.

The feeling of euphoria and increased “horniness” can also lead to more risky sexual behaviour. The use of poppers have been linked to injuries and the increased transmission of STD’s during sex.

Poppers can also interact with some medications including Viagra which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. If you are using medications then you should speak to your Doctor about the dangers of mixing them with Amyl.


Should kink Pups be allowed at Pride?

If pride is to be about inclusivity and a celebration of Queer culture then we should remember that we must not only associate a persons kink with their sexual life. One of the key tenets of Pride is that we are more than just who we sleep with. Is it not possible to enjoy a fetish lifestyle that is not highly sexual? The same standard must apply to the Pups as is applied to the leather men, the bears, and other kink and fetish groups.

Pup play can be a soft entry for many young LGBTQ persons in to the kink community. Speaking from experience I found the Kink community extremely predatory and quite intimidating when I first started to explore. There are a lot things about the pup community that offer young LGBTQ persons a safe and supported environment in which they can play. The pack structure, the hierachry of Alphas, beta’s and omegas all create a sense of belonging.

There are quite a few misconceptions about pup play that need to be cleared up.

Pup play is not always sexual. I have met and played at moshes with many Pups of all genders and sexualities. For many it is away to find a closeness and a level of intimacy that is not possible to find elsewhere in the Kink community, there is wrestling, cuddling, ball games and the fun stuff. Munches were great social events where we all went out for dinner together. In a community crying out for intimacy the Pup community is safe place for many to find it.

The sense of community and the camaraderie that the pack offers to people coming out on to the scene or trying to meet new people is invaluable. It provides a network and support system that can be hard to find in the community particularly for young people.

Pride has always pushed the boundaries and fostered conversation about sexuality through theatre and public subversion. To tell one group that they cannot participate because you do not consent or do not agree with their lifestyle is the language of the oppressor.

Pride began as a protest, it means many things too many people. All movements and conversations evolve and new voices and new insights are added.  If you would prefer to exclude somebody rather than have an open conversation with your child or yourself about diversity or sexuality then you are not really engaging with what pride is.

Public decency and public nudity laws already exist to protect the public good. These laws are applied equally to all participants in the parade and at the event. There is no reason why the Pups should be treated any differently.


A friend pointed out to me the other day that Grindr has a SOBER option now in its tribes. You can now tell other Grindr lads that you are sober or looking for sober connections on your profile.

Sober can mean a lot of things to different people but generally, it increasingly means no CHEMS, DRUGS, WIRED, etc.

Chemsex is a huge problem in the Gay scene and for a long time, I struggled with an addiction to chemsex. This ground has been covered by quite a few bloggers I follow and it’s time that I open up about my own experiences in the party scene.

Things I don’t like about being locked.

For those of you considering chastity cages for yourselves or for your partners I have already talked a little cleanliness and how much being locked has changed my sex life. There are some things though that I don’t like about being locked.

Chaffing is a real problem. Especially around the balls and under the shaft. If you’re going to be locked for a long time, then you have to pay really close attention to the cage and make sure you get a really good fit to avoid it. Baby oil or coconut oil are very helpful but some discomfort is impossible to avoid especially at the gym.

Grabby guys. The cages can pinch and if somebody decides to grab you then you could be in for a shock. Most guys don’t know what to do with a chastity cage. One jerk I hooked up with latched on to it and was pulling hard on the cage. I had to raise my voice and give him a firm command to STOP. Common sense, unfortunately, can be rare.

Design flaws. I will be doing a more in-depth review of my three cages later in the month but for now, my experience is that the two cages I have worn have had some serious design flaws. Badly located mold lines, sharp edges, lack of size variation and overly complex shapes all mean that there is no “perfect” cage. Dicks vary but cages at the moment do not.

I can’t Top. Yes I’m a bottom but I do occasionally like to smash the back porch out of a twink and I can’t do that anymore.