Thong Thursday- Top shelf thong

BIG BIG thank you to the fan who sent me my new white cotton thongs. We are gonna have lots of fun in these, I can feel it. Its especially fun doing housework in a thong… don’t you think?

This September you’ll get to direct the content. The Game is simple; you tell me what you want to see. Be as detailed or as vague as you like and if I don’t post your request within 48 hours then your membership for the month is free. Use your imagination and let’s be creative. Nothing illegal, obviously inappropriate or dangerous… just good horny fun.



Master has me caged again which means there’s only one way I can get off and thats riding my toy like a horny little Pup. I hope doesn’t keep me locked too long or this could get out of hand. Still another two minute cum like last time would be amazing.

I’ve been playing with HYPNO and this video uses some audio very kindly provided by @GayAudio on twitter.

Stay Tuned…



Dirty Denim

Sometimes a fashion mishap can be turned to your favor. During a hot play session, the ass got ripped out of my favorite jeans so I decided to give them a new life as Denim chaps. What do you think?