Nearly everyone who has read this blog will know that I like Poppers. Poppers can be purchased legally in Australia from a Pharmacist and Illegally from sex shops and other sex on site venues, although there doesn’t seem to be a desire to crack down on these sales yet. In other countries around the world their legal sale and use varies and it’ important that you make sure you check the laws of your local area if you are considering purchasing or using them.

Popper-bating porn is becoming increasingly popular and hard to find and the use of aromas and poppers is a murky area most platforms are unwilling to open a dialogue about. I recently had to make significant changes to my Onlyfans content in order to comply with the platforms TOS. Although the use of poppers is not strictly illegal in Australia OF includes them in a blanket ban which it applies to all of its content creators around the world.

One excellent blog I have found on the subject is Poppers and Aromas Blog. If you’re curious, an occasional user or even a huff pig you’ll find it a great source of information and advice on all things poppers and aromas.


The second hand challenge is almost over.

With all the focus on COVID and the lockdowns this year there has been little time to write about much else. Being stuck at home day in and day out doesn’t make for very exciting reading and there were only so many “stay busy at home” posts that I could bear, but my second hand challenge is definitely alive and well.

Towards the end of the second lockdown here in Melbourne my housemate moved out and took most of the furniture with him. I was left with a couch, coffee table, TV and just my bedroom furniture. The place was looking pretty sad and it felt like the horrible days back in London when living in some crap hole, but this time I was in my home town and luckily there are heaps of thrift shops around.

For those of you who don’t know the background to the challenge I’ll quickly get you up to speed. I believe that there is already more that enough stuff in the world that I don’t want to keep getting swept up in the consumer culture that is constantly pushing us to consume the world around us. So in an effort to reduce my impact of the environment and decrease my carbon footprint I decided that this year I wouldn’t buy any new clothing except for undies and socks. When my housemate moved out I decided to expand the challenge to include as much of the stuff that I needed for the apartment as I could.

The result is that I’ve managed to furnish the place with a mix of vintage and second hand items that I think are much better than the packed chipboard garbage that most cheap furniture is now made from. Including a fridge, TV and washing machine, I managed to furnish the whole place for under $1000. I’ve also collected some great fan art over the years that I am slowly getting framed. The result is that I finally have a place of my own that I feel reflects me. After live ing out of suitcase in other peoples houses for such a long time it’s a beautiful thing.

That doesn’t mean that I bought just any old junk. I still had a vision in mind for the kind of place that I want to live it. My home needs the feel alive and that means lots of plants, soft warm colours, wood, material and as little glass and chrome as possible.

The best thing about using second hand or vintage items is that the place doesn’t look like I just ordered a room full of Ikea furniture straight out of the catalogue. I know my style isn’t for everyone but I’m pretty proud that I was able to stick mostly to only second hand stuff. There were a couple of items I couldn’t find or which I needed urgently but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out.

The best buy was a 350$ armchair that I got virtually brand new for $50 on facebook market place. It even came with the plastic still on.

There are somethings that I’m hanging out to the end of the challenge to buy. I really need some new gym gloves and a singlet, but this year has taught me that I just don’t need to keep buying new stuff all the time.

I love my chair.

Another progress update

Six months of progress


My next full body scan is tonight so it’s time for another update on how my progress is going. I’ve been a little slack over the last month as the party season hit high gear, and I also had a back injury in January because I was over training. I’ve been able to be consistent with my workouts lately and I’ve been sticking to my diet although not as strictly as when I started. Mardi Gras is a big motivator around this time of the year but as I’m not entirely sure if i’ll be going the is year it hasn’t be foremost in my mind. Mostly my immediate goal has been to regain the strength and conditioning I lost while I was injured and sick for nearly three weeks.

Aesthetically I’m pleased with my progress, I’m the most happy with my body at the moment than I have been in a very long time. Physically I feel strong and healthy. After five years of inconsistency and neglect I’m definitely feeling more confident than in the past and the sense of achievement I’m getting is doing a great deal of good for my mental health. Replacing chemical highs with natural highs hasn’t been easy but I’ve now found something (self care) that is more important to me now than partying and fucking.

Getting the right advice has been the key. My trainer Skye has been outstanding and it’s easy to see why he’s constantly booked out. The changes to my diet have been the key. I was eating good food but in all the wrong quantities. I still love a bag or two of Twisties and as Easter approaches chocolate strawberry marshmallow easter bunnies are going to hard to resist but if you don’t enjoy your food when you can then what’s the point.




Let’s do some Manscaping and get 20% OFF.

Manscaped recently sent me their new Lawn Mower 3.0 clipper to try. It’s a nifty little clipper for the hard to reach places and is much less cumbersome than my larger clipper. It’s also waterproof and has a handy light on top. If you’re looking for a new clipper then I can recommend it.

It’s cordless of course and comes with a handy little charger. I like to unplug mine when it’s not charging and use the stand to keep my bathroom looking tidy. I charged it up when it arrived three weeks ago and I haven’t had to recharge it since.

I’m a nervous shaver, especially when I’m trimming my nethers or under my arms and having a compact clipper makes it much easier to get where I need to go. It’s also waterproof which means I can use it in the shower.

If you’re looking to get yourself a new clipper you can get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free shipping with promo code SHANNON at https://www.MANSCAPED.com !



Over the past eight weeks I have been following a strict meal plan. My goal was to lose 2kg’s of body fat and to increase my strength and muscle tone for summer. When I got back from the UK in March I really wanted to take advantage of the chance to get some consistency in my fitness regime and diet, but it took me until only a few months ago to really step up my progress.

To achieve my goals I decided to see a trainer who could not only plan my workouts for me but who was also able to take care of my nutrition plan. I always thought that my knowledge was pretty sound, but I quickly found out that there was a lot of stuff that I was doing wrong in both my form and my diet. Having a professional to sit down with has made all the difference. It’s why when people ask me about my diet and my workouts, I always say speak to a trainer. It’s not a cop out, it’s genuine advice.

To achieve the change I had to go on to a calorie deficit to burn fat. My first body scan gave me a clear insight in to my body and the areas which needed work. At just over 15% body fat I wasn’t overweight but I didn’t have the tone or shape that I wanted. Having my macros done also ensured that I knew exactly how much protein, carbs and fat I needed to maintain my muscle mass whilst shredding body fat.

At first I was hungry all the time and my energy suffered. The diet was counter productive because my workouts were suffering. It’s important to listen to your body and I discussed this with my trainer who tweaked my calories slightly. After the change the balance was just right and I really started to move on my goals.

It was a challenge to stay on the diet, but as I began to see results after the second week it motivated me to keep going. Not only do I look healthier, I also feel much healthier. In eight weeks I’ve managed to almost eliminate chocolate and chips from my diet, I rarely drink alcohol and I’m much more aware of what I eat, and how much of it.

Staying on the diet also meant taking time off the diet. Life needs to be worth living and I allowed myself the odd treat or cheat meal. You have to indulge yourself otherwise you just end up binging. It’s why most diets don’t work. You just deny yourself and then give up. Never be afraid of food or of eating, just make sure you understand what you are putting in your body and most importantly how much. I always tell my friends to eat the damn cake, just don’t eat the whole cake. Love life, love food, be sensible.

My diet right now consists of lots of vegetables, nuts, mince chicken, brown rice, lean beef mince and tuna. Education and portion size is everything. I have learned how to prepare those foods healthily and tastily using much less oil and fatty sauces and more yummy herbs and chillies.

The main goal now is to try and gain a little size in my butt and shoulders. I’ve got another session with my trainer today to discuss the next stage.




…make the dicks rise!

Smashing my butt and leg workouts at the moment and feeling like summer is gonna be properly bouncy hehe.

Deadlifts… Squats… Glute thrusts… Leg press and seated calf raises!