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*** Let’s also remember the spirit of the challenge I love your enthusiasm but, flights to other cities,  sporting hardons around tourists, joining nude sports teams and stuff which obviously isn’t going to happen within 48 hours doesn’t qualify.

Thanks a bunch!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sent a bunch of new swimwear by fans and brands and I just want to say a really big thank you. There are lots of new AussieBums, AttentionWear and ST Rogue swimmers and underwear to show off for you. I’ll be posting lots of new reviews and videos in them over the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to check out my wishlist or send me something to show off for you click here



Hey everyone, I’ve been busy taking care of Sir after his surgery this week but I haven’t forrgotten about you all. There are a bunch of new posts coming this weekend starting with another look at my gym progress a couple of new pairs of undies to show off and the Winter edition of BIG RED. You’ll notice the cage is off at the moment so it’s time to PLAY… See you soon.



My Two minute orgasm… HOLY FUCK Bonus

Yeh it happened.

A lot of you have been asking why being caged is suddenly so appealing to me. Well sex has changed completely. Instead of busting out a load when ever I feel like it and not even thinking about it, Sex has become far more enjoyable and even special again.  After a month of denial in chastity this was the result when I was finally allowed to cum!


Things I don’t like about being locked.

For those of you considering chastity cages for yourselves or for your partners I have already talked a little cleanliness and how much being locked has changed my sex life. There are some things though that I don’t like about being locked.

Chaffing is a real problem. Especially around the balls and under the shaft. If you’re going to be locked for a long time, then you have to pay really close attention to the cage and make sure you get a really good fit to avoid it. Baby oil or coconut oil are very helpful but some discomfort is impossible to avoid especially at the gym.

Grabby guys. The cages can pinch and if somebody decides to grab you then you could be in for a shock. Most guys don’t know what to do with a chastity cage. One jerk I hooked up with latched on to it and was pulling hard on the cage. I had to raise my voice and give him a firm command to STOP. Common sense, unfortunately, can be rare.

Design flaws. I will be doing a more in-depth review of my three cages later in the month but for now, my experience is that the two cages I have worn have had some serious design flaws. Badly located mold lines, sharp edges, lack of size variation and overly complex shapes all mean that there is no “perfect” cage. Dicks vary but cages at the moment do not.

I can’t Top. Yes I’m a bottom but I do occasionally like to smash the back porch out of a twink and I can’t do that anymore.