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Watch @AussieBigDadDik use the bowlers grip to really get me hot for his nine inches. Watch his hands, spank, explore and rub me in to drippy, hungry, himbo mess.

You don’t want to miss this one.



Last weekend @aussiebigdaddik and I had the chance to pose for artist @om_lewdart . It’s always interesting talking to artists about their work and seeing how others view you. The first two pieces show different sides of our relationship and then once we were feeling more relaxed we got in to the cheekier poses.

Each pose took about ten minutes. The first two were easy enough but the more intimate poses were a serious exercise in self control. There is a difference between posing in person and performing in front of a camera. Having to hold the poses a so close together feeling the heat of each other was almost tantric. It was almost like rediscovering each other in a small way, feeling each others anticipation and need while also having an audience. The sensation was quite horny!


Hi there ShanFans, I’ve created a complete playlist of all my kink diaries and cage reviews. Since many of you have been exploring your kinks I thought it would be helpful to have all these videos in one easy to reach place. Enjoy x

What happened to my photography?

I’ve always been a photographer. Since I was a kid when my parents bought me my first camera for Christmas. They used to complain that I always took pictures that had no people in them. I was a shy kid and in many ways I am still a shy adult. The camera gave me a way to interact with the world and with people from a safe distance.

Through my teen years the camera became a shield and a way to express myself. Working quietly and alone in the darkroom at school was a good way to escape the bullying. Photography like swimming was something that I could do in my own company.

When Photography became my work it changed from a passion to something I did for money and a lot of the joy went out of it. I like many new artists discovered that I didn’t know as much as I thought and I had some very big disasters. I was undeterred but also became a little gun shy.

Later my dream job came along and couldn’t believe it. My enthusiasm was now tempered by maturity, a healthy understanding of my own limits and a much more professional outlook and approach to my work. I started to find the joy in it again.

It was also around this time in London that I became desperately unhappy and started to suffer from depression more deeply than at any time before. I was spending so much time taking pictures for work that I was too exhausted to pick up the camera on my time off and slowly but surely photography once again became a job rather than a passion. I’d collapse in to bed at the end of the day without even thinking about taking pictures for my own enjoyment.

Inspiration is a strange thing. It can come at any time and disappear just as quickly. I tried on many occasions to rediscover my self through my camera in London. I have always found that going for a walk with the camera cheers me up but stress kills creativity dead in it’s tracks. Pressures at work and home, loneliness and homesickness meant that my head wasn’t in a creative place for a long time.

The truth is that while the last 5 or so years have been a wonderful journey for my knowledge and experience as a photographer they have also been hellishly difficult for me personally and emotionally and my camera has sadly come to represent that awful time.

I’m a creative by nature and I expect I will find my joy in it again but it’s not something I can force.