Arion Adventure. Bundaberg.

IMG_3346After leaving Gladstone our next port of call on the passage to Fraser Island was Bundaberg.

Bundaberg is well known to me not because of the town but because it is the home of one of my favorite drinks, Bundaberg Ginger Bear.

The marina in Bundaberg is about a 30-minute bus ride from the city and first thing I noticed as we began to head inland was the change in the scenery. The red soil and endless cane fields is a typically Australian scene. The more that I travel up and down the east coast the more diverse I realize that this country is. This is the part of traveling that I enjoy the most, not the air-conditioned bus tours and five star hotels but getting out and about at the ground level.

IMG_3353It has slowly become clear to me that as we spend more and more time at sea I am becoming less and less comfortable around the crowds of people in the towns. It makes me wonder what it will be like to go home to the city. Sitting in a shopping center food court only a short time after being on the open sea is a little bit surreal. To go from living in such a way that is so connected to the elements and relying on the resources you have without the convenience of just being able to “go down to the shops” really makes you take notice of the things that you have. I’m not talking about on a spiritual level, I really mean that you take notice of just how many tins of beans and how much milk there is in the fridge. It means that everything becomes important because there is less room for excess and waste, then I come to the shops when I am back ashore and all I see is excess and waste. The contrast of the two experiences are so far removed from each other that it sometimes makes you feel a little bit disconnected from the world.

The bugs here are still biting me and it’s really beginning to bum me out. Still I have learnt not to scratch and that has mad it much easier to deal with. I’ve been reading “Holding the Man”, it’s a classic novel and one that every gay man should read. I am almost done and I think I’ll review it in a future article.

So I’m going to enjoy a nice ginger beer while I am here and hopefully we will be off to King Fisher Bay Resort soon and Fraser Island finally.


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