I travel, I write and I take my clothes off.

My grammar is terrible and my spelling is even worse,ย but I love to share and I hope that you enjoy my site.

The rest you will have to discover for yourself by reading on.

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13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Shannon, you are absolutely stunning! Only just discovered you, I have subscribed and will be thinking about you many times.

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  3. Shannon you don’t know how grateful I found this I was bullied too I am so happy you are still here!!! you are so AWESOME!! THANKS FOR BEING YOU

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  5. Used to really enjoy this blog; you always had some relevant and insightful commentary on life and I think sharing some of the struggles you’ve been through was undoubtedly helpful to others who visited here as well. I particularly enjoyed keeping up with your “sailboat sabbatical” a few years ago. Unfortunately, there have been fewer and fewer updates of that type and, in fact, the site has really transitioned into something much different than it used to be. That’s your prerogative, of course; and it probably is financially a better proposition for you was well. I guess I just miss the previous type of content – the stuff that wasn’t behind a paywall; it gave me a reason to keep coming back.

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