Gay 101. LOVE your G-spot!

Sex is one of my favorite pastimes and I am always looking for ways to make it better so when I heard about the male G-spot at the tender age of 17, naturally I was intrigued.

The male G-spot or Prostate is located up your bum and can only be accessed that way. It is not actually inside your anus which is commonly thought, but this is the only way it can be reached. It’s that small walnut sized bump you will feel if you gently press the pad of your finger towards the front.

Be gentle and just see what happens.

Finding and getting to know your G-spot is well worth the effort. The rewards will be some of the most intense orgasms you can imagine. Knowing how to find it will also mean that when you make the beast with two backs you will have one more trick up your sleeve ( or butt ).

Apart from being a hell of a lot of fun there are actually some health benefits that can be had from stimulating the male G-spot. These are improved circulation to the prostate, enhanced libido, improved semen production and a stonier erection. Regular ejaculation is also believed to increase prostate health too.

The more pleasurable benefits of stimulating the male G-spot are multiple orgasms (my personal favorite ), enhanced sexual desire and more intense orgasms.

If you are bottoming one way you can stimulate your G-spot by sitting on top and leaning back. The idea being to move so that your partners penis pushes against the front of your anus and behind your balls.

If you are topping keep this trick in mind. Finding you partners G-spot is a sure fire way to kick things in to power bottom overdrive.

Like all things sexy a little experimentation is required and getting to know your own body will help you not only enjoy sex a little more but also know how to increase that pleasure for your partner too.

Lastly it’s important for your health to make sure all men over the age of 25 and especially over the age of 50 to have regular prostate exams to aid in the detection of prostate cancer or other urinary conditions. If One Direction are not available I suggest speaking to your Doctor or local GP.

Have fun boys. šŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “Gay 101. LOVE your G-spot!

  • November 16, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    This was a very good read. Thanks Shannon.

  • November 17, 2012 at 7:26 am

    regular ejaculation is good for prostate health? As if I needed an excuse. Louis is MINE, Shannon. Don’t you dare!


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