Get wet in the 2Eros Honolulu Sunset Swimmer



So I’m back in Melbourne and although it’s not quite speedo weather yet I couldn’t resist getting a new pair of 2Eros swimmers.

Warmer weather is just around the corner here in Australia and if you aren’t already many of us will be looking ahead to plan summer bodies and wardrobes. The piece of swimwear I get asked about the most is always my old pair of Tribe Floral swimmers. They are a little worn out now but they always catch peoples eye and they always look fresh.

I’m a fan of florals for swimmers but some of them can be a little too much or the designers never quite get the colours right. Florals should look fresh and cute with simple patterns that compliment your look rather than overpowering it.

I really like the 2Eros Honolulu Sunset swimmer. I went with the Sunset pair because the colours are beautiful and they really pop in the metallic sheen. The hibiscus pattern is super cute but not too busy. You can also get a blue ocean version.

The cut is comfortable but be warned that 2Eros tend to be on the smaller side. The small fits nicely on my 30 waist but you may want to go for the medium if you are bigger than me or have booty of days. There is also good room at the front and the stretch in the material gives you a great looking bulge.

The quality of the polyester is nice. It’s light and has some give in it. It feels great to wear and isn’t too thick. I stopped wear 2Eros a while ago because the cuts and materials were really heavy and restrictive so these are a real improvement.

Despite the high price tag of almost $50.00 I’m very pleased with my purchase. I just need the tan to be able to pull them off. Bring on that Aussie Summer.

If you want a pair of your own check out the and don’t forget if you’re a blog member you can get 10% off your purchase, just check the discount code on the Members Info page.



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