10 weeks on.


Wow, it’s hard to believe that I have been in the UK for almost ten weeks now. Time moves quickly when you’re having fun but it moves even faster when you are swimming for your life. Now that I have had time to settle in properly i can finally experience all that London has to offer and get out a little.

A blog reader asked me earlier in the week what I had found were the biggest differences between London and back home.

I think I have already said that London feel familiar enough to be comfortable but is still different enough to feel a little out of my comfort zone. There are differences both subtle and not so subtle.

The age of the city and it’s history are a big one. There are buildings here that are older than Australia and there is a pub just about every 100m, and you can buy booze just about everywhere. It’s the history of the place that amazes me at every turn, old churchs, squares that were once market places, castles and palaces that have now been turned in to posh apartments. I wonder how the Duke of Wellington would feel about his house being a Museum now.

One of the things I miss most is summer fruit. Back home fruit is amazing. I miss mangoes most of all. The mangoes here are bland and sour, actually most fruit here seems bland and sour. Trust me when I say there is nothing quite as good and good sweet mango.

Purely by accident I moved in to an area of London that is famous for it’s population of Aussies. I know this because I stumbled on to a corner store that sells Aussie food and other bits and pieces. I had a loverly lunch today of Vegemite on toast and Milo chocolate milk, I even got to take along some Allens Snakes Alive and Barbeque shapes to our little picnic in the park. BBQ Shapes are like catnip for Aussies. It was fun to share them and let the taste sensation warm us up because naturally today was DAMP.

I’ve noticed that food here is quite expensive but strangely you can buy pre-made meals that are fairly good that are cheaper than if you have to cook for yourself. Luckily work provides most of my meals during the week so I have been killing it on saving money when it comes to my grocery bill.

Boys here are basically the same. Grindr is the usual minefield and Pride this weekend pretty much looked the same as it was back home.

I still get home sick, especially when my Sister sends me pictures of my Nephew in his first onsie but now that I have Milo and vegemite things might not be so bad.

2 thoughts on “10 weeks on.

  • July 3, 2014 at 7:50 am

    it makes ya wonder how the locals get on without things like Milo and Vegemite (Marmite in my case)

  • July 4, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Welcome to this side of the pond mate. Been a long time πŸ™‚ Kaleb


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